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TylerMeans 08-13-2014 09:36 PM

Quantum Leap by Seasons
I have re discovered this show and finally obtained the DVD's. I wonder if any of you have preference for certain seasons. Which are your favorite or least favorite seasons?
I find myself partial to Seasons 2 and Season 4. Though I cannot find any really bad episodes and I find good and not so good eps in each season but I would rank Season 3 and 5 as the weakest.

5 did give us "Deliver us from Evil" and carried thru the three episode arch for the evil leapers as well as "Trilogy". I liked the first one, but by the third episode, Abigail had gotten on my nerves. I did not care too much for Lee Harvey Oswald or the ones with real people like elvis Presley and Marilyn. Dr Ruth was kinda.... and I did not care for Blood Moon.

Season 2 had the supreb, "MIA" as well as "Shalt Not" and "Another Mother." These episodes showed what good television is.

Your thoughts?

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