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alsplacebartender 05-05-2022 11:11 PM

Quantum Leap SERIES officially ordered by NBC!
NBC has given QUANTUM LEAP a SERIES order!

Season One will air this fall 2022! Get ready to Leap again, folks!

isz 05-06-2022 04:05 PM

I'm just hoping they'll preserve the feeling of the original show and won't "give it a darker tone". "make it grittier".

alsplacebartender 05-07-2022 10:57 PM


Originally Posted by isz (Post 63253)
I'm just hoping they'll preserve the feeling of the original show and won't "give it a darker tone". "make it grittier".

I hope so as well. If the pilot episode is any indication, this series will be very good! It does look like the present time will have a linear story to follow, so that will be a difference, but a good one, I think!

Al_Calavicci 05-15-2022 12:40 PM

I have to say that I am NOT a fan of this idea at all and refuse watch it.I have prayed they would leave Quantum Leap be and not attempt to destroy it by bringing it back. I dont want my memories of something that was perfect as it was destroyed by a crass attempt to cash in on a pre-existing commodity. This is just lazy filmaking. Lost in Space,Magnum PI,Wonder Years,Knight Rider,Hawaii 50,etc. all those shows have been ruined by modern,vastly inferior "reboots" with terrible actors,todays politcal angendas tossed in,and of course "the darker grittier" crap. Hollywood is creatively bankrupt. Instead of creating something original Hollywood seems bent on coasting on recycling someone elses original creations.
I think everyone here at Al's Place will agree with me in saying that Scott and Dean WERE Sam and Al and will ALWAYS be Sam and Al. You can NOT replace them with different people like you would replace a part on a car or a vacuum tube in an old Tv set and get the same performance. I dont want a "darker grittier" version of a show I love that was perfect exactly as it was. nor do I want to see their "reimagining" of the handlink or sets. Every remake has been terrible. Its disrespectful to the original artists who made the show what it was. I hope this show never comes to fruition and if it does is vanishes quickly and doesnt soil the legacy of the original.
God only knows why Donald Bellisario didnt bring the show back decades ago with Scott and Dean while Dean was still with us. I always hoped they would have made a tv movie to bring Sam back home.
I have no interest in ever seeing Sam and Al being portrayed by anyone else. respect should be shown for the original and it should be left alone.
Rest in peace Dean. thanks for all the wonderful memories.

Al_Calavicci 05-15-2022 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by isz (Post 63253)
I'm just hoping they'll preserve the feeling of the original show and won't "give it a darker tone". "make it grittier".

Theres no way they can ever recreate the tone and magic of the original show. The chemistry between Scott and Dean made the show what it was,as well as the original writers,production methods and the time it was made in. The world has changed a lot in 33 years and not for the better. Look at the garbage on tv today. There is no way they can ever recapture the charm of the original show. Its as unique as the original people who made that show. I don’t like remakes/reimagined versions of old shows and movies.
I have never seen one "remake" that did even the slightest justice to the original.

Lightning McQueenie 05-15-2022 11:56 PM

Regardless of what happens in the continuation, the original series is still there and will always exist. Watching the new version (and making your own decisions about it) will not ever change how much you love the original show. From the information we have been getting from the creators, this will be a respectful continuation of the franchise that will keep the core heart of the show. Give it a chance.

Spartan83 05-16-2022 02:54 AM


Originally Posted by Al_Calavicci (Post 63260)

God only knows why Donald Bellisario didnt bring the show back decades ago with Scott and Dean while Dean was still with us. I always hoped they would have made a tv movie to bring Sam back home.

It was the ultimate disrespect to Dean to greenlight a "reboot/sequel" a few months after his death when they had a full 2 decades to get a new series off the ground. For whatever reason given, NBC ownership rights, Bellisarios disinterest or filming scheduling clashes every quantum leap fan would agree with you they would have liked to have seen a happy resolution of the series and Sam leaping home.

It annoys me also watching our childhood favourites relaunched and getting darker deaded out hollow excuses of the originals. I have always wanted a QL resolution and will only be watching for mention of past QL easter eggs and to see the new team finally catching up with Sam and him leaping home. I have no vested interest in "The Next Gen" quantum leap team set 30 years after the original LOL.

NewFederalist 05-16-2022 11:51 AM

Like most fans here I am somewhat apprehensive about a renewal of Quantum Leap. Since Scott Bakula is still acting it would be nice to see him (Sam) finally leap home. If it's done like the Jan-Michael Vincent handoff in the 4th season of Airwolf it might not be awful to get closure.

Spartan83 05-16-2022 02:33 PM

Al Calavicci hit the spot when he said many great shows from yesteryear hardly make a stunning relaunch or reboot, I'll take the example of the recent Star Trek: Picard reboot, its not fun watching an old decrepit Picard devoid of any authority and stature, those he exhuded when at his pomp as a captain. Instead we get a shadow of a man 20 years past his best living in supposed uplifting brighter days of the 24th century but because of the sequel it is set in the darker grittier pseudo 24th century which resemble times of today. Yawn.

The QL sequel should have been made 10-15 years ago when fans demanded it and when both Scott and Dean could still portray playing believable leapers and holograms at the peak of their powers.

Scott if we are lucky can still pull it off ....... just, but again Hollywood doing what it does best, delaying delaying till we see rubbish in the form of ST:Picard, Coming to America 2 or Matrix Resurrections 🤦

feldon30 05-16-2022 03:03 PM

We don't know the timeline of how the new Quantum Leap series got made. A green light is the end of a very long (often multi-year) conversation. Everything in Hollywood moves at a glacial pace.

Dean Stockwell had retired from acting after the stroke which took his memory of his time working on Quantum Leap, so it's not like they were "waiting for him to die". His participation in any QL series had been foreclosed years ago. I agree with you that Don Bellisario could have self-funded a Quantum Leap show any time he wanted. Even though Universal has the rights, if Don, creator of JAG, NCIS, Magnum P.I., QL, and so many other shows had thrown his weight around, he could get the rights back to QL.

P.S. I enjoyed Matrix Resurrections more than the 2nd and 3rd movies. *shrug*

P.P.S. The problem with all NuTrek can be summed up with 1 word -- Kurtzman.

ionalan4 06-01-2022 06:16 AM

interesting information

tina_als_girl 06-23-2022 01:29 PM

Well, I for one am SUPER excited for this continuation of the series! Like, the announcement and all the info that's been released/leaked so far has been so awesome, it's rekindled my love of Quantum Leap and now I've been working on re-entering the fandom after being quiet for so, so long (I have ADHD, and I'm in a lot of fandoms, so my hyperfocus has a lot to choose from, so sometimes older/not-as-active fandoms fall by the wayside in my brain).

I watched the E! red carpet interview with Caitlin Bassett, Ernie Hudson, and Raymond Lee, and our beloved canon is in such great hands! Ernie seems especially excited about his role as Magic, and I'm excited, too! I've always wanted to see the aftermath of someone being Leapt into. We're gonna finally get a look into that POV!

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