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leaper1 12-08-2015 04:58 PM

Shameless self promotion
A friend recently pointed me to yet another site which hosts online writing – They cater both to original works and fanfics, but deal mainly in longer works. So I uploaded my bigger stories.
So far, I don’t seem to have attracted much attention – if any.
However, they are currently running a Fandom Contest.
1st place gets a $30 Amazon gift card, with $20 and $10 for 2nd and 3rd place.
I’m well known for not having much luck, unless you count the bad kind. So it would be awesome if I could get some votes on the stories I’ve entered [they have to be 40k words long, so that limits my entries]. The titles I’ve submitted are all Quantum Leap fanfics: Terror Firma, High Hopes, Run for their Lives and Bourbon on the Rocks.
The deadline is 11.59pm on December 22nd.
It looks as if you have to be a member to vote, but it is free to join.
Otherwise, you can log in using FB or Twitter.
I’ve only just started exploring, but it looks as if there are some cool fanfics in lots of genres.
If anyone would be kind enough to ‘like’ any of my stories by clicking on the little heart at the bottom of the page, I would be very grateful. You can vote for as many stories as you like, but you can only vote for each story once.
You can find them by searching for maddersahatter as a writer, or searching for the titles, or as a last resort by scanning the entries in the competition. Sadly it looks like the numbers of the entries change, with those with the highest scores showing first. At time of writing, the leader was on 84. So mine will be well down the list, with a long way to go to get in the running. [35, 89,90 & 91 at this point]
Of course, if you want to ‘like’ any of my other stories on the site [or on any other for that matter – I’m on, AO3, livejournal, dreamwidth and the virtual seasons here at Al’s Place] then that would be great too.
Reviews are even more welcome.

leaper1 12-25-2015 05:12 AM

This contest has now finished, but they have launched another one, for shorter fics.

I've entered 'Descent into Panic' which is - at the time of writing - in 45th place with 3 votes.

I've also entered my first Stargate fic 'The Long Haul' which is currently at 26 with 5 votes.

The leader is on 28 votes.

Your support would be greatly appreciated. ;)

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