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ziggycowan 04-20-2018 05:11 PM

Havent posted for a very long time....

Anyone ever been a member of the old Fanzines that were written about QL back in the day. I used to subscribe to one called Quantum Quest, a monthly magazine with letters, discussions, reviews etc, all before the age of the internet. They were a much more social interaction than the internet, people used to organise Quantum Leap marathons were groups from the zine would arrange nights in their homes where you would just watch QL, chat, some would take sandwiches cakes etc and all would just crash in sleeping bags, just completely diffrent to social media.

Currently rewatching the entire Show from beginning to end, in season 4 now.

No real topic here just wanted to re introduce myself to the fandom :)

MO 04-28-2018 12:48 AM

I wish we still had stuff like that these days.

leaper1 04-28-2018 04:27 PM

My memory is dreadful. Used to get ...erm.... can't recall if it was Quantum Quest or Quantum Quarterly.
I'm sure I still have some of them somewhere. Need to see if I can find them.

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