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Default Quantum leap a leap of genius

A leap of genius

Chapter 2

The imaging chamber door opens behind sam and sam turns towards Al and they both say at the same time.

"Am Einstein!"

"Your Einstein!"

Sam smiles and says

"This is amazing Al"

Al smiles and says

"Slow down Sam"

Einstein's boss comes into the room

And he says

"What's going on here?"

He notices the black board and looks disappointed he takes the board rubber and rubs out what was written on the board and he simply says to Sam.

"Back to work Albert"

Sam says

"Yes sir"

He leaves and shuts the door behind him.

Sam sits back at Albert's desk and Al reappears on the other side of the desk.

Sam looks at Al and says

"Do you know what this means Al?"

Al looks at sam and says

"We have to be very careful on this leap sam Albert is very important to the history of the world not just to science."

Al taps the hand link and the link glows with yellow and red and green colours.

"OK sam it's 1905 you're leap outside your own life time again and you're leaped outside the country to."

"your in a patent office in Bern,*and sam not long from now Albert will submit a scientific paper showing his theory to the scientific community and not long after this, this has a big impact on the world and everything else is history as they say."

"So sam until we know why you're here you're can't go and change history this is to important"

"So why am I even here Al?"

"Good question Sam let's ask Ziggy"

Al taps the hand link and starts shanking the device and says to himself.

"Come on Ziggy .... Come on"

"Al go back and help Ziggy with the programme"

Al nods he taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens he stands in the door way and says.

"Hang in there sam no changing history ok?"

Sam nods and with that the door closes taking Al back to the future.

End of chapter 2
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