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Default Quantum leap a leap of genius

Chapter 3

As Al was walking down the ramp back into the control room of project quantum leap.

Al says to the head programmer let's run the program and let's find out why Sam has leaped into Albert einstein.

Gooshire nods and starts the program not long after this the readings come through Ziggy.

And she says.

"I can com put there is a 62.3 per cent chance Dr Beckett has leaped into Albert to stop him......"

Al looking confused says

"to stop him Albert einstein why Ziggy?"

But Ziggy remains silent

"Ziggy?, Ziggy? Talk to me?"

Donna says to Al

"it's no use Al I think she already knows why Sam's there for but she's afraid to say right now"

The blue ball of Ziggy just above them continues to remain silent.

Al says

"well I hope we will know soon"

At that moment the head programmer says to Al.

"Admiral I need to inform you that the government has recently reviewed Sam's recent leap information and they have ordered us to hold off informing Dr Beckett why he has leaped to 1905. They have said that the president will give us orders shortly to advise what Sam needs to do to leap. And it is strictly prohibited for Ziggy to advise Sam. "

"the president? Is that way Ziggy stop talking?"

Ziggy says

"that's correct admiral"

Meanwhile the oval office president of the United States of America.

One of the joint chiefs sits down with the president and says to him.

"president for the past five years there has been a top secret project based in New Mexico lead by a scientist called Dr Sam Beckett. And five years ago he used his time machine and he has been traveling through time leaping into and having the ability to experience and relive other peoples lives and he was always sent there to fix time to alter time by changing mistakes in time and forming a better future for people. "

The president replys

" you can't be serious? "

" am very serious president "

" so you're telling me that time travel is possible? And this scientist has been traveling through time for the past five years. "

" that's correct sir"

"why wasn't I informed about this before?"

"it was on strictly on a need to know basis"

"so why tell me now?"

"because sir Dr Beckett has leaped into Albert einstein in 1905 before he came up with the key theory that changed the world sir we have an amazing opportunity to change time for the better......."

End of chapter 3
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