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Default Quantum leap a leap of genius

Chapter 4

The President continues to talk with his joint chiefs and he gets up from his seat and looks outside the window of the oval office and says

"Ok Order Dr Beckett to do it"

The joint chief replys

"Yes sir you won't be sorry sir"

The President turns around and says

"I am not making this decision lightly the course of human history is going to change now in a very big way let's hope the new future we will create will be a better future."

The chief gets up and says

"I'll inform the admiral at once. At the project"

And he leaves the oval office.

And the President is left saying to himself.

"May God be with us"

Army personnel enters the control room and one officer says to Al.

"Admiral any contact with dr Beckett is now restricted until we get the orders from the President of why the Dr has leaped to 1905"

Al replies

"Your can't do that"

The army personnel hands Al special emergency government papers Al reads the papers and says.

"OK you can" Al rolls his eyes

Suddenly another army admiral enters the control room and says to Al.

"We now have orders from the President and it's your job now admiral to make sure Dr Beckett follows these orders to the letter if not you're risking court Marshall you understand admiral."

Al not liking this one bit says.

"Yes sir"

The other admiral says

"we will feed Ziggy the orders and it will come through to you in the usual way admiral through the hand link but this operation is now under government control and must go like clockwork."

The visiting Admiral walks up to the head programmer and hands him the orders and says

"Warm up the imaging chamber and feed the data into Ziggy."

"Yes sir" the head programmer says.

Al walks up the ramp and taps the hand link in his hand and the imaging chamber door opens and the other admiral says to Al.

"Good luck admiral the destiny of America is now in your hands."

Al says "oh boy!" And walks into the whiteness of the imaging chamber and the door closes behind him.

End of chapter 4

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