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Default Quantum leap a leap of genius

Chapter 6

Al taps the hand link the device flashes more in front of Sam. And the imaging chamber door opens.

Al stands in the doorway of the white imaging chamber door.

And says before Al disappears

"Sam this time you're got to stop Albert otherwise the project is history."

Sam stands up and says


As Al walks down the ramp a little back into the control Room.

Al sees the image of Sam in the doorway and his Image starts to fade away into white and the door closes again.

As Al walks back into the control room the other admiral says to Al.

"so is Dr Beckett on board with our plan admiral?"

"Sam needs time to think it over he's not sure if he's comfortable with his orders yet"

"admiral if Dr Beckett refuses his orders then we will send someone else to do his duty for him."

"you can't do that sir"

"were in charge now admiral do what you need to do to convince him otherwise we will"

"look let me put it this way since Sam started his leaping into time really none of us is really in charge."

"so who are you saying really is in charge then?"

"do you have faith sir?"

"faith? What's that got to do with anything?"

"everything sir because his in charge"

Al points upwards and the other admiral says.

"who are you talking about?"


Al points up again


The other admiral smiles and says

"you're under orders admiral follow your orders at once otherwise you will have the president to answer to"

Al says

"yes sir"

The other admiral leaves leaving AL looking unsure what to do next.....

The imaging chamber door opens and it's closes and Sam is fileing away papers and says to Al.

"is everything OK Al?"

"no Sam we are In big trouble the white house is putting pressure on us Sam if you don't change history I'll have to answer to the president and I don't know what will happen to me or the project"

"Al what if am not here to do that to change history the way they want me to change it if I miss why am really here I could be stuck in this time for the rest of my life. Ask Ziggy Al ask her why am here?"

Al looking thoughtful and he taps the hand link and asks Ziggy.

But Ziggy remains silent....

End of chapter 6

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