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Default Quantum leap a leap of genius

Chapter 7

As Sam was left in Alberts study to ponder over his situation more carefully a idea suddenly hit Sam like a train.

He found a another black board in the Room and he took the chalk and started to write on the black board a scientific formula. With both Sam's mind together merging at a fast rate with Alberts two geniuses at once was trying to solve the problem.

After a few hours of work and checking and double checking his work Sam looked over the completed formula and said out loud to himself.

"I've done it I can go home!"

Meanwhile project quantum leaps waiting room

Al was standing in the blue room being guarded by army personnel making sure Al doesn't do anything to ruin the mission that they were ordered to follow.

Al says to Albert.

"Albert einstein it is so good to meet you"

"where am I?"

"it's a little difficult to explain Albert but you have traded places with a good friend of mine through time"

"so you're friend is a time traveler?"



"what's your name young man?"

"my name is Al they call me Al"


"it's a pleasure to meet you Al but do you always come to visit people under armed guard Al?"

"no only this time"

"why Al is it to do with me?"

"in a way yes but it's nothing to worry about"

Albert then noticed his reflection in the mirror in the table in the center of the waiting room.

He touches his own face and says

"this is fascinating Al what you're friend has done is nothing short of genius"

"well coming from you I am sure Sam would be over the moon"

Suddenly as both Alberts mind and Sam mind was merging even more Sam's full personality came back to Sam in the waiting room.

Sam looks at Al and says



"it's me Al both mine and Alberts mind is merging even more but I think we have solved the problem?"

"what problem?"

"why the retrieval program didn't work both me and Alberts mind has been working on the problem and I think we're cracked it Al"

Al smiles and Alberts personally comes back through to Sam's.

"Al may I see this time machine just for scientific purposes of course?"

Al says

"I'll try and arrange something"

Al says his good byes to Albert and he leaves the waiting room under armed guard.

End of chapter 7
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