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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
The Blu-ray set has the original music, is all one box at a reasonable price, and has an overall better picture quality in most episodes. Of note, A Portrait for Troian is mis-framed off to the right for most of the episode. Dark sequences in MIA are rather grainy. Still it's overall a decent presentation. I wish they'd asked a Quantum Leap fan to help them supervise it. I would have done it gratis and recut the opening sequences to make them look better.
I agree. I don’t understand why there is such indifference when it comes attention to detail given to releases of classic shows. The people buying these are obviously fans and spread the word quickly so others don’t buy them if they are hacked up or poorly produced.

FYI,Don’t buy the Rockford Files BluRay release by Mill Creek. I was excited when this came out and bought it. Not only is the packaging of the discs (stacked one atop the other so they get scratched ) and box shoddy,but worse yet,many of the episodes are edited down versions missing key scenes available in the standard definition Universal release. The show also has many audio defects,in some scenes you can barely hear the actors,but the music is loud,in others the music is so muted it’s barely audible. (“Sleight of hand”comes to mind).

The picture quality is also indifferent,ranging from great,to dark and grainy. Why does this always seem to be the way it goes? You’d think for the $59.99 they charge for these sets they’d be careful to release a top notch product. I’m sick and tired of waiting for a series to be released only to have it finally announced,then I get my hopes up and it’s a huge letdown.

Don’t even get me started on the “Route 66” release from shout factory. Fantastic show,but it’s the WORST release I’ve ever seen. Unwatchable! Terrible,muddy picture quality and sound. I’ve seen remastered prints on Hulu and they were sharp and clean and had amazing definition.
Shout factory,Rather that expend the effort to go back to the film negatives and remaster the show for their release as they originally promised,instead decided to cheap out and used horrible,worse than VHS quality prints from a previous fly by night dvd release for their box set.

Sadly,it will likely never be released again and remastered due to low interest. I can’t believe people still shell out $80 plus on eBay for it,but it’s all there is and if you want to see the show you’re only left with that one option.
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