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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
The difference is quite noticeable.

Look at the detail in that ironwork. On the DVD it's just a blurry mess.

You can almost count the threads in his sweater.
You see? you hit the nail on the head. If you ever go to LA and you go to the Bradbury Building where they filmed this (and it's a place to LOVE!!! I can tell you!) I know how beautiful this place is. And yes, 1st season they were shooting a film every week, 2nd season, too. Every stitch, every set is amazing and the props...I saw them at the 2nd con and photos from the 1st and did have some time with Jean on the phone...when he was still working on Ql--a long story but I have this friend who needed to make that dress the girl was wearing in the pilot (the girl Al picked up) and I had to find out what it was made out of. Crepe silk. Pink. He had 3 rolls leftover.

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