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Default The Boogiem*n (foreshadowing)

Tonight something caught my attention.
My guess is that it was not intended but that depends on whether or not they were ever ahead in knowledge of the episode they were currently working on and how many if so.

Seasons one and two contain at least two references to the figure of lore, the boogiem*n.
Season 1 episode 1: Genesis
"Either someone was blocking Peg's view of the man in the tux or the boogiem*n had finally arrived".

the 'arrival' in itself references an earlier line:
"And if it's a nightmare, sooner or later there's gonna be a boogiem*an. -- Until the boogiem*n showed up I decided to ride out the dream."

Season 2 episode 11: Portrait for Troian
"Did the storm knock out the power?"
"No, it was the boogiem*n!"

The first is the most significant being in reference to Al whose image is projected when the devil appears in season 3 in an episode which happened to be named 'The Boogiem*n' and in which he himself makes another reference before he's revealed.

For something that probably wasn't intended this along with Al's argument in M.I.A that GTF has a rival seems to be an interesting and very clever foreshadow of the devil's appearance, identity and role in Sam's leaping. The M.I.A reference also fits beautifully as a foreshadow of the evil leapers. Though that is even less intended.

It's just one of the many things I love about this show.

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