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Part 3

The next morning Sam left has caravan looking like a clown again and Sam wasn't too pleased about it and as he was slowly walking towards the big top AL appears out of thin air.


"hi Sam... we better talk is there anywhere we can go and talk so people won't look at you and think your crazy?"

Suddenly a really good looking woman walks past and al looks at her with lustful eyes and says

"or I could just go with her"


Sam looks at al with very disapproving look on his face.

"OK Sam"

Sam points at the near by toliets and after a few taps of the hand link al was gone.

Sam closes the toilet door and says to al

"OK what do you have for me?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"from what we can pull from the national archives ziggy thinks your here Sam to stop a murder."

"a murder who al?"

Al walks around the small room tapping the handlink continuing to say

"there's a 92.3 per cent change you are here to stop a fellow clown from being murder tomorrow night in the original history the incident was so damaging to the circus the circus couldn't continue and had to shut down and a lot of people lost their jobs Sam and it caused a lot of pain and suffering in more ways then one. "

" I see OK al go back and get me all the information you can"

Al taps in the device

Saying "I will be back before you know it hang in there Sam and after a few taps of the hand link al was gone.

Sam headed straight for the big top.

The rest of the day went well and was spent with Sam driving a clown car around the center ring of the big top and having half a dozen custard pies hitting his face.

After the rehearsals was done Sam was sat down on a bench waping the custard from his face and looking up at the big top and remembering his earlier leap from the last time he leaped in the circus even tho his memory wasn't perfect about that leap it gave him some confront in a strange way that he had been in a circus before.

While Sam was remembering his previous leap his train of thought broke with the sound of the imaging chamber door opening from behind him and Sam turns round and says to al

"anything new al?"

After a few taps of the hand link the door closes again and al says

"Sam tomorrow night you and your colleague is found died in a ditch 5 miles from here. Your not just here for your colleague sam your here to save you too."

Sam sighs and says "ohhh boy"

End of part 3
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