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Default Quantum leap the greatest leap ever told!

Chapter 4

He says to the director

"who let a goat on set! This is so familiar"

But when he looks up to look back at the director.

The director was gone all the film equipment was gone the whole crew was gone Sam was really standing in the middle of a desert.

He says out loud

"wheres every one!"

Then behind him he hears someone shout behind him.


As he turns around he sees a hooded stranger dressed all in black. And as the hooded stranger walked slowly towards him the man continues to say.

"who gave you the right to go bouncing around in time putting right what once I made wrong!"

"I remember now it's you again isn't it?"

when he reaches Sam he says close up

"say my name!"

With a red glow just underneath his eyes.

"the devil again but this time you don't look like Al you are a bald man."

Then within a blink of a eye he changed into a red glow into his friend Al.

"for all time sake"

"why are you doing this?"

"why do you travel through time? Let me show you what you're so good, good will is doing!"

End of chapter 4
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