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Default Quantum leap the greatest leap ever told!

Chapter 5

With Sam and the devil in the desert the devil still looking like Al* in a black robe says to sam.

"The temptation of Sam Beckett"

"Am not Jesus you know I am just a actor"

The devil laughs and says

"Well you look like him. But you know how this plays out now don't you?"

"Yes I think so"

The devil smiles and says

"Let's begin now shall we"

The devil picks up a stone from the desert floor and says

"If you are the son of God ,tell these stones to become bread."

Sam replys

"Am not Jesus"

"Am just playing sam remember were acting now ant we?"

Then both Sam and the devil turns and they both magically disappear and reappear in Africa and they see Africa children hungry on the streets. Some dieing of hunger.

"Why don't you save them Sam?"

"I would if I could"

"What's the point of you traveling around in time if you can't save everyone Sam! What does your beloved computer Ziggy says Sam!"

"I help thoses that I can if it was up to me I would help everyone"

"Let's see now shall we?"

The devil pulls out a handlink and mockingly pretends to be tapping the hand link and says

"Yeah the odds are real good"

Sam takes the stone from the devil holds it in his hands and closes his eyes and says as if he was praying.

"If it be your will change this stone feed these children."

And when he opens his hands the stone had changed into bread.

Sam walks to a nearby Africa boy and gives him the bread.

"Feed your friends"

Then the devil took Sam to the highest point of Jerusalem and they both stood on the top of the temple.

"If God and time needs you so much then throw your self down and you will leap out of here and you will go straight home Sam you want to go home now don't you?"

"Of course but I won't test god for if he was responsible in trapping me in time then he needs me so does all the people I am here to save he wouldn't of given me this job if he didn't think I could do it."

"Why do you care? your just a scientist? With seven degrees why you? what makes you so special?"

"I may be only a scientist but I care and I won't stop until I have put everything right and that's enough"

Then the devil took Sam to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and there splendor plus his own time. Sam could see the quantum leap mountain with it glowing blue in the night sky.

"Trust me Sam I can give you the whole world plus take you back home you can go home this very moment wake up as you and stay warm in your bed. You can have fame and fortune right now Sam all you have to do is say I want to go home and you're go now, no more leaps no more missions just happiness ever lasting happiness and finally no more looking into mirrors and seeing strangers looking back at you."

Sam thought for a moment and said.

"That is very tempting but I can't I am here for a reason and I want to do the right thing"

Sam started to walk away from the devil and the devil continues to say.

"Sam! But you're trapped in time I can release you now I have the power!"

Sam turns around and says.

"But at what cost? If you took me home who would save thoses that need saving? Get away from me Satan!"

The devil says

"We will meet again Sam you mark my words" and at that moment he faded away and the next moment Sam knew he was back on the film set and the director said.

"Excellent cut, cut and that's a wrap!"

In a daze not sure what had just happened all sam could say was two words.

"Oh boy!"

End of chapter 5
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