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Just to let everyone know - I received a not so nice e-mail from 2 former members of this forum.

A former member has given e-mail addresses of some of us members of al's place to a certain other person.

I am only saying this as a warning to everyone.

I do hope I am doing the right thing here everyone.

I am not wishing to start trouble here - but the actions of certain people should not be tolerated with at all.

I am not being a sooky baby here everyone - but I'm not sure as to whether to use this forum anymore because of the e-mail and unauthorised passing on of private details of these 2 people.

If anybody wishes to see the e-mail that these certain person's e-mailed me, please PM me.

Sorry and thanks for listening to me everyone.

Hope I make sense here.

And just to let everyone know - I hope my message here doesn't look like I'm down talking this site - because I'm not.


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