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Originally Posted by HologramIAm
Great stories both! But Surface?
Yep, I remember Gooshie and Sam sliding their fingers up and down on Ziggy's console during one episode - that's what I thought about when I read the article. Ok, so it's not a full quantum computer but at least the interface is similar to my imaginings of how Ziggy is operated.

I like Ziggy better! And the article about Professor Mallet was great! I don't like the idea of only being able to travel back as far as when the machine was turned on, but that's just one time machine idea, I suppose.
Ziggy is very. . . colourful and would be great on the floor of a disco - lol maybe that is what the project [staff] do on a weekend, play music and dance around Ziggy . I like the idea of a personality being part of the interface to a computer like Ziggy - especially one with a sense of humour. As for the time machine theory with Prof Mallet, it sucks for us QL fans if it's true that you can't go back further [ edit: than when you switch the machine on]. . .
"When I think of paradoxes and things, my head feels like it wants to go super nova. (additonal: )- Unless you believe in alternative universes or time-lines."

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