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As much as I enjoyed this episode (it's one of a few I've watched twice), it does have some problems. I think the main problem is that it should have been a two-part story because there is too much going on for just a one hour episode and the whole thing ends up feeling very rushed.

It's almost as emotional as The Leap Home - in some ways, more so, because Sam is actually - finally - home, in his own time. But he doesn't get enough time to spend there and the emotion sort of gets short-changed. There is entirely too much expository dialogue at the end when Sam is suiting up to get into the accelerator - about him having figured out how to pinpoint the leap into Al, about having worked on improving the retrieval program, and too little time spent on the agony of Donna having to lose Sam all over again after having just gotten him back after four years. For his part, Sam seems so focused on saving Al that it's almost as if he's brushing Donna aside. Again, I blame this all on the story being too big to fit one episode.

The other big problem I have is how Sam remembers being married to Donna. In the original timeline she left him at the altar. I know he changed history in Star Crossed, but he shouldn't remember the altered history, otherwise his memory would have changed at the end of Star Crossed. Maybe he only "remembers" once he's back in 1999, the revised version, which is why he forgets again when he leaps back, but it's a real stretch.

I know this show plays fast and loose with the whole "swiss cheese memory" idea but this episode takes it to another level. If leaping discombobulates you that much, how does Sam even remember what he's there to do once he leaps into Al? He remembers that, but not his wife?

And while it's fun to see Project Quantum Leap for the first time, it also raises a lot of unanswered questions, like why someone can't just leap back into Sam (as they have now proven it's possible to do) so Sam can come out of the waiting room and work on the retrieval program so he can finally bring himself home. These people are entirely too passive about the entire leaping process.

It also bugs me that everyone seems to be wearing such futuristic clothing, something that always bothered me about Al's outfits since Genesis. Did they really think that only eight years into the future everyone would be dressed up like The Jetsons?

The humorous bits at the beginning, like Sam and Al standing in the park both screaming for Gooshie, and Sam trying to "feel" his way around the imaging chamber for the door, really make this episode for me. Again, the whole idea behind it really needed two hours to properly tell the story.
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