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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Hi all, this is a thread where we can post miscellaneous Quantum Leap observations/facts/questions that pop into your head.

A few things I noticed:

- Angelita and Stawpah are both dead and help out the living. When Angelita succeeds, we see her walk away from Sam and he forgets everything, while Stawpah simply leaps immediately. Imagine what we all would have thought if instead of Angelita walking off, she leapt...

- We have seen in the Wrong Stuff that because Bobo is incapable of human speech, his aura prevents Sam from being able to be understood. Does this mean that if Sam leaps into someone who doesn't speak English, if he tried to speak in English, the aura would not be able to?

- Sam has leapt into women on numerous occasions. What would him peeing look like if someone walked in on him? Would it look like the leapee is aiming without anything to aim with? Or would it just look like the pee is coming out of nowhere? Perhaps Sam should just pee sitting down during these leaps :P

- We know that Sam is not dead, but his project enabled him to do what some dead people (angels) do, try to put right what once went wrong. Do you think when he eventually dies, he will continue to do what the angels do? Or do you think he'll finally decide to rest?

- We know that it is not really GFTW leaping Sam around (even though it has been known to intervene if it looks like Sam is going to fail), but rather Sam is leaping himself. Does this mean that his Swiss-cheesed brain is really himself subconsciously blocking out anything that could prevent him from doing his life's work? I think it is, considering we have seen numerous occasions when the Swiss-cheese effect can be at least partially overcome if the leaper has a specific task in mind when leaping (e.g. Sam leaping into Al and preventing his murder, Bingo leaping into himself in the past to prevent Chip from murdering Commander Ricker's wife, Zoe leaping to kill Alia). This would explain why even though he does start remembering portions of his life, he continually remains oblivious to his marriage to Donna, as remembering he is married could prevent him from doing the job, which Al so eloquently put "is a dirty job, but someone has to do it"

Any thoughts on the points I have raised? Or does anyone have any other tidbits they'd like to contribute?
OK, here it goes...

On Sam and the aura: It wouldn't matter if the leapee didn't speak English. The aura would speak the English that Sam knows. In order for Sam to be understood, either he would have to know the language of the leapee, or the people around the leapee's life would have to know the English of Sam. This in itself would cause some problems and issues as well. For example, what if the leapee was known to not speak any other language and he suddenly starts speaking English? They would even try to put him on a loony bin or to study him, etc. With Bobo was different because he was an animal, a chimpanzee, and so it would be the same, for example, as if he leapt into a lion, a cow, a dog or a cat. It only applies for animals but not for human auras... With an exception: If he leapt into a baby. The aura would still babble while Sam would still speak clearly. Why? Probably because of the stage of the brain, being still under-developed.

On Sam being caught peeing while being a woman: It would be something quite scary for the person who saw him, I believe. Like something along the lines of "Nowhere To Run". We saw the reflection on the mirror of the leapee without legs still walking on thin air, so in this case I think there would be no "aimer".

On Sam "doing what Angels do". I believe he would do it. Resting in peace for him is continuing with his mission.

On the swiss-cheese blocking effect, you're absolutely right. And let me add that I think that, as time progressed, Sam learned to be OK with it. With "Mirror Image" the learning was complete. He decided to give up the life of a common man and, instead of being just a reluctant hero, he became a very conscious one. Saving Al's life was the key on this. I believe that, even if he remembered Donna, he would still go on. It's probably a contradiction, following "Star-Crossed" and a big price to pay, but there's also an old saying: "sometimes we have to kill... but our real job is to save lives."

On Angelita and Stawpah. I think Stawpah is on the same vein as Angelita. Everybody else forgot him on the bar, but why not Sam? I'd like to believe that it's probably because Al The Bartender didn't want him to. He served as a device so Sam could understand his position one step further. This raises another mystery: The Gooshie at the bar. Was he actually another leaper or an "Angel"? I think he may have been, and he was just a way from The Bartender to tell Sam: "Yeah, so you are goodness, but not ALL of it because you're not alone in this mission and there are other people doing what you do." It's interesting that he shows up exactly every time Stawpah is not there. If he had been there at the time Stawpah disappeared, he would have remembered him as well. At least that's what I think. I see the whole "Mirror Image" episode as a sort of a break for Sam so he could acquire the correct knowledge and the preparation to continue with his mission but with tougher leaps. The Bartender is really GTFW, but he's not leaping Sam. Sam is leaping himself, and he had to make a choice. To quit or to keep going. After he saved Al, he decided to continue, even though he had told The Bartender that he wanted to go home. That didn't matter anymore. His task with the Universe was not over, and he finally understood that clearly.
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