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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
I didn't mean for this to become a Mirror Image Thread, sorry for it going off on a tangent like that.
Well, I like 'Mirror Image' so I don't mind discussing it.

I like your theory about Stawpah too. I've always thought that Jimmy was a very special leapee for not just Al but Sam, too, because of Al. So it makes sense that Jimmy would be one of the leapees that would appear in this bar.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
On the subject of auras, it seems kind of silly that the leapee's clothes always fit Sam perfectly. I think they must reshape around his body while the aura still looks normal. This could prove comical if someone was seeing Sam as Sam, ala Shallow Hal (watch this trailer at about 1:30 :P )
That's the explanation I had heard. Re the second part, In 'Another Mother' for example Teresa sees Sam as Sam, a man wearing a dress, but she says nothing about how it's too small for him. I'm sure the woman's dress would be too tight and short on him, he's six feet. Teresa would be able to see that.

Originally Posted by Donofrio_QLTD View Post
Anyway, something I will always love from "Mirror Image" is the fact that all the theories about it are valid and there's not an absolute right one. It means DPB succeeded at making us play with our varied imagination a lil' bit. Shame there were no more eps. after MI to confirm all these theories.
That's how I feel about it and why I never get tired of discussion about this episode. I would've loved to have seen what DPB would have done had the show gone beyond this episode.
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