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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Towards the beginning of the episode they stated that Oswald wasn't in his right mind, and his loose-neurons were affecting Sam because they were crossing with his own. To try to remedy this, they put Oswald in the accelerator and tried to leap Sam's neurons back to him, but that backfired and ended up sending even more of Oswald to Sam.
Right, I remember that now. Seems like a sloppy attempt however, first of all how could the accelerator leap only neurons without taking the body with it and of course it would go awry as Oswald's mind wouldn't contain only Sam. So even if they had managed to send Sam's neurons Oswald's would still have gone with them and thus adding to the Oswald Sam already had. So that kind of seems like crappy logic.

Interesting thought though, if the leapee having an emotionally mental instability causes such a short circuiting mind merge than had shock treatment not interfered with Shock Theater being a typical leap, would Beaterman's disorder have effected Sam in much the same way? Al had described Beaterman in the waiting room as total mess.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Also, it appears that the LHO episode breaks the QL-Universe rules, because when Sam leaps out of Oswald to the Secret Service Agent, Al stays where he is and watches the assassination. We know from Genesis that Sam's leaping takes time, and we also find out in Mirror Image that when Sam leaps, Al just ends up back in the Imaging Chamber (or rather, the hologram around him in the Imaging Chamber fades and it looks like he's in the Imaging Chamber). So Al should not have been able to watch it.
Actually while this is a valid thought, I believe this situation was acceptable as Sam hadn't actually leaped out per say as he didn't leave that point in time, just transferred his position. Therefore the lock would be able to be held. It's like if I were to walk from one side of a room to the other. That's not leaving the room thus any company I have with me would not lose sight of me.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
From what I gather, his leaps into Oswald weren't actually to put right a wrong (although we're expected to believe that Oswald didn't kill the guy who insulted him in the bar because of Sam), they were merely to gain information to try to solve the conspiracy. I think it's Gooshie who tells Al if he can't get through to Sam, just watch what happens, because then they can at least document it. It wasn't until Sam leapt into the Secret Service Agent that he was put in a position where he could save John and Jackie (though ultimately only Jackie).
Alright I see what you are saying but in this logic again the rules of the show were broken in addition to it revolving around a public figure. Because it makes little sense that Sam would actually end up leaping as initially intended, to simply analyze a significant event in history. Though I can see his needing to follow the process that led Oswald there in order to accomplish saving Jackie Kennedy.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Some more interesting trivia about LHO - we see in that episode that at the Project they have fixed the handlink that Al killed in the Great Spontini, because we see Gooshie using it.
huh, I never noticed that. Why had Gooshi needed to use a handlink in this episode?
Another bit of LHO trivia: There is a scene between Sam and a random solider which seems unnecessary but was a kiss with history (within a kiss from history since the entire episode is one haha). That random solider was Don Bellisario. If you look closely at his uniform you can actually see 'Bellisario' across the breast.

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