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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Alright I see what you are saying but in this logic again the rules of the show were broken in addition to it revolving around a public figure. Because it makes little sense that Sam would actually end up leaping as initially intended, to simply analyze a significant event in history. Though I can see his needing to follow the process that led Oswald there in order to accomplish saving Jackie Kennedy.
At first I thought he must have had a specific mission for each of his mini-leaps into Oswald, but because IIRC he only changed history in Japan, and the rest of the time he was simply reliving Oswald's life, then the only thing that makes sense is that he was there to observe. Another possibility is that the leap could be similar to the Dr Ruth leap, Sam might have leapt into Oswald so that Al could interrogate him in the future, like Sam leapt into Dr Ruth so that she could give him counselling...

Also on the subject of LHO, can you imagine what it would have been like for Oswald constantly leaping in and out of the Waiting Room?

huh, I never noticed that. Why had Gooshi needed to use a handlink in this episode?
Another bit of LHO trivia: There is a scene between Sam and a random solider which seems unnecessary but was a kiss with history (within a kiss from history since the entire episode is one haha). That random solider was Don Bellisario. If you look closely at his uniform you can actually see 'Bellisario' across the breast.
I guess Gooshie needs it to be able to program Ziggy, it's like his keyboard and mouse. Maybe the push-buttons on Ziggy's control panel are just for communication purposes... If I had to make a guess, I'd say that Gooshie originally used the Gummi-Bear handlink while Al used the brown one, then when Al killed the brown one he had to take the Gummi Bear one for a while, and then he kept it once Gooshie fixed the brown one...
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