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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
How is this a flaw? He could easily have finished school and then started university before having his next birthday...
A typical school year in America ends in June. Sam's birthday is August 8th.
He graduated with a proceeding class to his own but still it should have occurred in June.
Unless he started M.I.T in the summer which isn't specified but even then he'd be 16 at M.I.T for a maximum 2 months. Guess it still counts however. So I suppose it could work.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
We have to remember
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)

that it is Sam leaping himself around. Therefore, it makes sense that he would subconsciously block out anything that would prevent him from completing his life's work, even someone he loves as much as Donna.

No, this does not fit.
Sam (nor the project) are aware that it's possible for him to guide himself, thus he is not.
There are however leaps which Sam is connected to on such a personal level that I believe it is possible that he was drawn to them subconsciously. I actually started a thread years ago theorizing this and it's still around. Though I have expanded on the theory and thus am considering re-starting it.
Example of such leaps are Camakazi Kid (boy with a sister about to enter an abusive marriage) and Future Boy (man is believed to be mentally unstable because he's attempting to build a time machine). Then there is of course the leap from his teenage self into Vietnam. That one is obvious right?

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
For example, some have speculated that
Spoiler Alert! (highlight to read)
after Sam stops Beth from remarrying, that Al would no longer be a part of the project, or even if he was, he wouldn't be as useful because he wouldn't have experienced the same things,

this would be simply untrue, because Al WOULD have the memory of experiencing everything.
Agreed and his most important experiences would remain. He will have still grown up an orphan, lost his sister to pneumonia, his father to cancer and his faith in God. These are the most important ways in which he compliments Sam's character. Plus he could still be very sex driven just not in the same way.
By the way, does anyone else find it kinda of ironic and amusing that the four children he has with Beth are ALL daughters. XD

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