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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
A typical school year in America ends in June. Sam's birthday is August 8th.
He graduated with a proceeding class to his own but still it should have occurred in June.
Unless he started M.I.T in the summer which isn't specified but even then he'd be 16 at M.I.T for a maximum 2 months. Guess it still counts however. So I suppose it could work.
Yeah, I think this is either a continuity error or when Al told Sam he was 16 in Animal Frat he was simply mistaken. It is possible Sam started in the summer of '70, but it seems less likely. Like you pointed out, based on his age in The Leap Home he would have already just turned 17 if he started in the regular fall semester.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
No, this does not fit.
Sam (nor the project) are aware that it's possible for him to guide himself, thus he is not.
There are however leaps which Sam is connected to on such a personal level that I believe it is possible that he was drawn to them subconsciously. I actually started a thread years ago theorizing this and it's still around.
In my opinion it can fit though. Just because he's not aware that it's possible doesn't mean he isn't doing it unconsciously. The end of 'Mirror Image' makes it clear to me that Sam can leap to where and when he wants, as he leaps to Beth at exactly the right time and place the moment he knows he has to and wants to. I agree it can be argued that Sam had a deep emotional connection to this. But I think based on 'Mirror Image' that it's plausible that Sam was always able to guide himself, and there would have to be some emotional connection to any of the times and places he landed, and he just didn't realize it until the leap to Al's Place. I don't see why anyone at the project would be aware, except possibly Ziggy. And maybe Al would have his suspicions knowing what a boy scout Sam is.

As for how Sam would know where and when to go other than the specifically personal leaps like 'The Leap Home: Vietnam', Ziggy runs probable scenarios based on historical information, newspaper articles, etc. that have been loaded into her databanks by the project personnel. I don't think it's farfetched to assume that Sam may have done some of the input, especially early on, maybe before they were fully staffed, and with his photographic memory he remembered it, or at least his subconscious mind remembered it while he was leaping. And of course there would be some emotional connection, even to the things that weren't deeply personal for him. Certain stories probably stuck because he felt either a personal connection to them like 'Camikaze Kid' or they evoked some feeling in him even though he didn't see an obvious connection to himself. So once he was leaping those were in his mind and he subconsciously or unconsciously guided himself to those times and places. I'm not sure if I'm articulating this well. But I do think the theory can work.

Depending on the interpretation the 'Mirror Image' leap can also be looked at as a next level in Sam's leaping. As the series went on Sam got better and better at leaping. While he still needed Al's help and certainly he relied on Al's moral support Sam started figuring out a lot of things on his own without Al's help in later leaps. He was much better at it and much more independent -- or at least it seems that way to me when I watch the series in order. So I think it's plausible that the 'Mirror Image' leap is a turning point and as Sam continues to improve he can now consciously guide himself. Or maybe he can make the choice to either target his leaping or let the time stream take him whenever and wherever he's needed.

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