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Originally Posted by blue enigma
The end of 'Mirror Image' makes it clear to me that Sam can leap to where and when he wants, as he leaps to Beth at exactly the right time and place the moment he knows he has to and wants to.
Of course but at this point he had been made away of the ability. As opposed to say when he leaped into Lawrence college at the exact point in time when a turning point in Donna's faith in men would need to be made to ensure that she marries. Whether it's Sam, the prior fiancee or otherwise. Speaking of which in my last post I had forgotten:

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
and Sam then leaping away to convince Donna to marry her first fiance.
We don't know the prior fiancee and why it ended with him nor did Sam(it's possible Donna talked about it with him but he still never knew the person). Considering she still didn't end up with him even after her faith in men is restored it can be assumed that it was about him specifically or that the break up was his doing. Perhaps he was abusive, cheated or in some other way was an a**. Like Bob of Camakazi Kid. Or as was suggested in Mirror's Edge was a set up made by her mother. From which can be assumed there was no love there. If you want to look at the he left her side, than perhaps he saw something in her he didn't like, such as selfishness as blue enigma sees. There are several possible scenarios that could make this guy either no better or worse than Sam or just not anymore the right person for her than Sam.

Lets also consider this, the Sam who built the project while married to Donna had no idea he'd have no way back.

Anyway returning to Blue Enigma, there is a slight difference between how he got to Beth that second time and how he ended up in other ironic leaps such as Camakazi Kid, Future Boy and Vietnam. Still you are right and in a way he has at least some of the time been guiding himself. Or so can be speculated and personally I do.
By the way every time I watch Thou Shalt Not and Al says "Try clicking your heels together three times and saying there's no place like home" I always think about how ironically correct he actually was. How interesting is that.

Originally Posted by ladystoneheart
To be honest,that idea comforts me.I mean the series ends with saying Sam never returned home.I want to believe that it would be his choice not to come back not because he couldn't.
Actually it's worse if you really think about it. Considering not only Donna but the entire project who devoted their lives to finding a way to bring their lost director home and his mother, sister and the brother he made a huge fuss over sparing, it's in fact a partially selfish choice to not ever return home. Not to mention unnecessary! why not return home in between leaps and perhaps even at times alternate with Al. This way he could have both of the conflicting lives he desires; the one where he touches lives and changes them for the better and the one where he is home with those who know his true self and love him.

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