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Originally Posted by iMonrey
See, for example, Honeymoon Express. Sam changes history and right before Al's eyes, one of the "judges" on the Senate committee changes from a man to the woman whose history Sam has altered. Now, Al seems to realize there's suddenly a different person there. Do the other judges sitting next to her? We don't get any kind of reaction from them like "Hey, who are you and where in the heck did you come from, and what happened to so-and-so?" To them, it's as if she's been the head judge all along. So why does Al notice the change? Because he's part of PQL?

It seems to me that if Sam ended up marrying Donna as a result of changing history in Star-Crossed, then once Al returned to PQL, as far as he knows, Sam has been married to Donna all along. He shouldn't remember the original timeline where Sam wasn't married to her. If not, then Sam should remember only the original timeline or both of them when he returns to PQL in this episode.
This is another point I forgot to address earlier.
The events of Honeymoon Express don't add up for me. That indicative incident with Diane McBride replacing the chairmen conflicts with the U2 attempt. How Al thought that the committee could remain aware of the previous timeline where the U2 went down is beyond me. The Diane McBride reaction suggests that the same happened with Donna after Sam leaped out of the professor in Star Crossed, that she would have suddenly appeared from Al's perspective but not from those of anyone else at the project. If this is the case Al should have taken note of that.
While Lightning McQueenie once offered an idea I politely disagree with it.

The reason Al has the luxury of being aware of both timelines is his brainwave connection to Ziggy or so is the explanation offered by the novel series. They even speculate that both he and Sam actually established their imagining chamber connection via a sample of their brain tissues which is vaguely suggested by some to in addition have contributed to Ziggy's personality (this would explain her hits on Sam in The Leap Back LMAO! XD).
Random Measures by Ashley McConnell explores the concept most and very precisely I might add. She picked at it probably too much, Bellisario would no doubt grit his teeth at it but aspects of it are quite interesting in my personal opinion (In addition it's a very well done leap).
FYI, McConnell offers that over a period of several hours the newer timeline would populate memories in Al's mind which dominate the previous, creating a more dream like recollection of what was before. This explains quite well why Diane McBride's appearance in the chairperson's seat was initially a shock for him. After a few hours he would remember that he'd presented the project's case to her before, that she's always been the chairperson while still remembering the previous chairperson. The proposals in front of him instead of Diane just wouldn't feel real anymore which they wouldn't have been.

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