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Originally Posted by blue enigma
Yeah, I think this is either a continuity error or when Al told Sam he was 16 in Animal Frat he was simply mistaken. It is possible Sam started in the summer of '70, but it seems less likely. Like you pointed out, based on his age in The Leap Home he would have already just turned 17 if he started in the regular fall semester.
There is official confirmation that it's an error.
Recently I have begun a screen capture collection and currently am working on The Leap Home which brought to my attention a specification of the controversy.
When Katie first enters and Sam's behavior makes her suspicious that he is trying to win favor to claim Tom's vacant bedroom John suggests:
"Why don't you let Sam use it until he starts college next fall".
So he'd just barely turned 17.
I had thought there was a mention.

It could however also be read as Al in his intention to make a tease of the mention figured it was close enough to accurately apply.

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