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Originally Posted by MichelleD View Post
I don’t condone Sam sleeping with Abagail when he was married to Donna; I can understand why that would bother people. If he had actually remembered he was married to Donna it would have bothered me a lot more than it did. I can understand why people would consider the Trilogy out of character for him; he didn't normally take advantage of/get involved with the people he was helping. There is the idea that Sam and Will’s personalities merged. It was the whole idea of Sam wanting to stay in one place and not being able to do so that I found moving. I do think it was a mistake to have him be married, and as some have pointed out, this may have been Deborah’s way of erasing Donna. The concept of an evil leaper was an interesting one; I would have liked to see them do more with that storyline and find out more about their project background too.
Nor do I condone it but I've come to understand it better than when I'd first watched it.

1.) Will's mindset had been on the verge of Oswald kind of control, however once he begun to make love to Abigail he'd outwardly admitted to Al that Will disappeared and it was all himself. Still it is my personal belief that Will led him there first. Plus I must point out that her 'like a magic flash we fit' comment, total garbage! Normally that sorta thing makes putty out of me but this I just did not buy.

2.) Not remembering Donna is a perfectly acceptable excuse to be unfaithful to her, it's Donna's logic to not remind him as well as Al's decision not to break that promise to her that is at fault here. The expression on Al's face when Sam Beckett of all people was talking about how badly he wanted to hold and touch Abigail was clearly filled with concern and in my recent head canon he was thinking of Donna. Not that those thoughts coming out of Sam Beckett's mouth isn't shocking enough on it's own of course.
Personally I felt there were other instances which would have been condonable for Al to mention Donna. So it's from a different angle than most but I too have issues with the Donna factor. And this despite that I might be beginning to ship Sam with Tamlyn a bit more than Donna because Donna isn't the most believable relationship either but that's another topic. I can elaborate later if you'd like.

3.) It's pretty evident that Pratt deleted Donna when writing Trilogy. She'd been unhappy with the entire The Leap Back episode and Donna was among the reasons. She wanted to explore Sam becoming involved with a woman in a leap. That's what I heard anyway. Which actually kind of cancels out ANY opinion, including my own of Sam's unfaithfulness to her in Trilogy but they are still valid in my book.

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