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This was a very good season opener. All dreams had been fulfilled here. Pivotal episode as it's the one where Sam is finally reunited with Donna and his working mates, but it's also the so-acclaimed continuation to "Shock Theater", and Donald P. Bellisario of course didn't disappoint at all after he made us wait for so long. Au contraire, once you saw this episode you couldn't help but feel that the show was getting better and better every minute. DPB handled everything here brilliantly. The directing by Michael Zinberg couldn't be more accurate. The scenery, the special effects, all very smooth. I think even the quality of the picture had improved with this season and that's evident since the very beginning.

Even when DPB dares to show a lot of impossible things in this episode (because it has to deal with the PQL more directly) and the "future" is portrayed in a very early 90's fashion, you never get the feeling that anything is over-the-top, not even Tina's flashing earrings. I enjoyed a lot watching Ziggy and hearing her talk. Deborah Pratt did an amazing job at providing her her voice. The things I liked the most in this ep. were the drama, the way the letter works, when Sam as a hologram scares Al in a sort of revenge, Project Quantum Leap and of course the fact that you finally get to see Gooshie, Tina and Dr. Beeks (all those other guys who never talk as well) in their entirety. I thought Gooshie was going to be portrayed as very one-dimensional but I was wrong. He's one of the best QL characters there are. Pretty enjoyable ep. throughout. One of the very few I watched with my entire family and they loved it as well.

Things I didn't like: O.K., there were some things that bothered me about this episode:

- The humor. Not talking about Ziggy's, but the one at the beginning, when Al is with the milkman and his wife at the lunch place. It seemed forced to me. Even Scott's reaction is not funny at all, in my opinion, which brings me to my next point...

- Sam as a hologram: I loved every moment when he was with Donna and his scenes at the PQL in general, but when he had to be a hologram to Al he kind of overdid it, and that's because Scott's acting wasn't that good for such a portrayal. His humor didn't work for me, as didn't his "action" sequences, when he tries to hit Clifford but he's still not there. And I know it's implied that his mind merged with Al's but his acting comes off as a bit silly. It's also implied that he's not made for being the hologram, but he's extremely slow and he shows from little to no common sense at all. Perhaps all this was on purpose by DPB so we could cheer when Sam became the leaper again, but I just didn't like it.

- Amanda Wyss's and the guy who played Clifford's acting. They were both horrible, as was the milkman himself and his wife, but the milkman and his wife were sort of two-dimensional and that's not a problem. Amanda's character and Clifford, on the other hand, were not supposed to be two-dimensional at all and they were portrayed that way. I liked Amanda in "A Nightmare On Elm Street" but she played a character there that demanded her almost nothing except for some really loud screams, but her acting in QL fell flat. She tried to be dramatic but she didn't accomplish it at all. And Clifford, well, the guy who played him didn't seem to know how to act any other reaction than utter bewilderment.

And last: I don't remember if it was both Sam and Donna who were wearing the flashing watches or only Sam, but that looked kinda ridiculous.

My favorite parts: When Donna asks Ziggy what are the odds of getting Sam back and Ziggy responds in a "what-a-shame" tone: "9.6 percent!!!". The other is when Sam gets back as a leaper and sees the Ziggy handlink in the car. He picks it up, pushes the buttons calling Gooshie, and then the thought or the memory strikes him: He's not there as a hologram anymore. He's the leaper again and he may never come back home. Very intense and emotional!!

I must confess that the first time I saw it, I didn't think Clifford was gonna die. That moment caught me off-guard. You almost never saw that sort of violence on QL, but I think that works on this episode's favor.

My rating: Good. Could've been excellent but the things I didn't like were crucial for my decision.
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