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Originally Posted by Donofrio_QLTD
- Sam as a hologram: I loved every moment when he was with Donna and his scenes at the PQL in general, but when he had to be a hologram to Al he kind of overdid it, and that's because Scott's acting wasn't that good for such a portrayal. His humor didn't work for me, as didn't his "action" sequences, when he tries to hit Clifford but he's still not there. And I know it's implied that his mind merged with Al's but his acting comes off as a bit silly. It's also implied that he's not made for being the hologram, but he's extremely slow and he shows from little to no common sense at all. Perhaps all this was on purpose by DPB so we could cheer when Sam became the leaper again, but I just didn't like it.
To me the humor, especially Sam verbally lashing himself every time he made a dirty comment was priceless but the problem that I agree there was with Sam's portrayal as the hologram is that instead of giving him his own version of the role they clearly had him mimicking Al's. The mind merge is in my opinion does NOT make that level of displaying Al's behavior excusable. It felt to me like the writers wanted to give us that 'what if' atmosphere of the concept but the only time he was allowed a natural response to a situation in the leap was those last moments he spent as a hologram apologizing to unconscious Al and trying to get at Clifford but that wasn't nearly enough. So I can see how the portrayal was off putting.

As for the Donna/project scenes, I've always loved them as well and they made me crave more scenes at the project in the proceeding portion of the series which is fulfilled very little but recently I think I'm coming to like Donna and buy her as the love of Sam's life less and less. Maybe it's because my eyes have been opened to the fact that the development is just not there, there were missed opportunities even with his amnesia of her to build up that relationship much like the little snippets we get of Beth that clearly tell us that she was the love of Al's life. That and the fact alone that he jumped into the accelerator in the first place suggests that he'd always put the project before her. I can see where at least two of the novelists had seen fit to portray him as a workaholic with an estranged relationship with his family.

And call me fickle but I can't get over her "I don't care" comment and attitude in regards to Al's life being dependent on Sam's leaping again even given the unfairness of the circumstances. It just bugs me. It didn't always but it has come to.

Originally Posted by Donofrio_QLTD
Amanda's character and Clifford, on the other hand, were not supposed to be two-dimensional at all and they were portrayed that way. I liked Amanda in "A Nightmare On Elm Street" but she played a character there that demanded her almost nothing except for some really loud screams, but her acting in QL fell flat. She tried to be dramatic but she didn't accomplish it at all. And Clifford, well, the guy who played him didn't seem to know how to act any other reaction than utter bewilderment.
Now that you mention it Clifford did seem extremely monotone in his deliveries and Suzanne/Amanda was pretty cheesy. She actually does seem the type that is only good for a classic horror movie screaming role.

Mike's and Kelly's (the milkman and his wife) acting isn't such a big deal though because their role was small and didn't really impact the story. Interestingly for being such insignificant characters they were the ones (in leap anyway) with the best development.

Originally Posted by Donofrio_QLTD
He picks it up, pushes the buttons calling Gooshie, and then the thought or the memory strikes him: He's not there as a hologram anymore. He's the leaper again and he may never come back home. Very intense and emotional!!
Huh, I'd always read that is being the moment the amnesia kicked in but this actually makes more sense.

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