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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
You seem to be forgetting that the mind merging concept is not random nor is it related to love. It's caused by trauma (emotional or physical) or mental instability. Though I have no idea what Will Kinman's excuse was there were a lot of unrealistic and senseless elements throughout Trilogy. Not to mention season five directly broke every rule at some point.
I'm not necessarily suggesting that it was related to love, just that when Sam did mind merge he often had feelings for the person the leapee loved, such as in the case of all the men in Abigail's life. Also, it wasn't necessarily always caused by trauma or mental instability. There were times when it was, such as in Evil Leaper II and Dreams, but not always. In Liberation there's a scene where Sam gets kind of obsessive about the mushrooms he's making for the party - that seemed like Sam absorbing some of his host's concerns to me.

Sometimes it was unclear. Sam's feelings for Diane McBride for example could've been his own, or they could've been her husband's feelings bleeding over into him, or it could've been a little bit of both.
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