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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
I like this idea a lot. It's a very interesting concept. In general I think it makes sense that Sam would pick up at least a little bit of the leapee's knowledge or feelings or whatever, as those would help him get the job done. So I think he would need it. And muscle memory would certainly be a part of what he would need if the leapee was in a physical vocation, like dancer or athlete or soldier, anything where he would need quick physical responses.
As my research for the episode's thread revealed, Dancing is actually a bit of both muscle and mental memory...I think. The moves kind of become automatic after tons of practice so you don't have to think about them when you do them. Perhaps this is also how he picked up the Hora so quickly in Thou Shalt Not, something that just occurred to me.

But an excellent example of muscle memory is in The Leap Back when we see that Al had absorbed some of Sam's martial arts skills. He does a spin kick on Clifford which takes both him and Sam off guard.
"I didn't know you could do that"
"Neither did I."

Martial arts is completely muscle memory. I think playing an instrument is as well...I don't know but I think I heard that someone with amnesia they can still play their instrument and this is why.

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