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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Actually it is confirmed that Sam always does absorb a piece of the leapee - in Lee Harvey Oswald Sam mentions to Al how in every leap he absorbs a bit of the leapee's memories, mannerisms and perhaps even a piece of their soul. He then describes his mind merging with Oswald as Oswald not controlling his mind, more like him leading him down a path that Sam can't resist...
Alright I didn't remember that, I've seen LHO twice only but I'm not sure I buy either of those claims.
They hardly show him absorbing memories other than in Dreams and how could he possibly tell the difference in the case of Oswald. He freaking spoke in Oswald's accent, his tone, he had his abusive nature towards Maria, his violent tendencies. He also showed little awareness of Al's presence other than when he'd managed to grasp onto the tinniest piece of Sam Beckett deep within.
Leading him down a road he can't resist my foot. How could Sam Beckett be unable to resist hitting a woman? Shooting a man? Oswald was in control. Sam probably just didn't want to believe he was. Like how stubbornly he disagreed with his ability to control his own leaping.

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