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Originally Posted by Al_Calavicci View Post
So is this the end of Al’s place then? I wonder what the driving force is behind that? What about those of us who don’t have Facebook? A lot of time was put into AlsPlace and other websites. What made people suddenly gravitate to Facebook over dedicated websites?

I’ve noticed this happening on classic car forums as well with people positing stuff for sale on Facebook. It’s really frustrating,you sign up for one site dedicated to a subject,then it changes and you have to go somewhere else because stuff gets scattered all over the place at other sites.
I've been running Forums for 25 years. I'm not happy about the situation either but forums face 4 problems:
  • Forums generally suck on a mobile phone. Love it or hate it, 60% of internet use is now done on a mobile phone.
  • Uploading photos to most forums is a pain in the ***
  • Each forum requires you to register and maintain an account with them
  • Keeping up with 5 forums requires constantly logging into and visiting 5 different websites. E-mails help, but it's still a drudgery to keep up with everything.
  • There's a learning curve. It's not big, but it's enough to annoy computer beginners.

In contrast Facebook has:
  • A billion users already there with accounts.
  • It works great on a phone
  • All the content from all the different groups and people you follow is mixed together in a single scrolling timeline, so as long you keep scrolling you keep up with everything
  • As soon as there is activity in a group you follow, you get a Notification. As soon as someone replies to you, you get a notification.
  • It's stupid easy to use.
I don't want to encourage anyone to get a Facebook account. That's entirely a personal preference thing. And they absolutely suck at privacy. BUT I will say that there is still interest in Quantum Leap, and every other topic you can imagine. It's just happening elsewhere. Is it worth paying the price to not miss out? That's up to you. I'm in 5 gardening groups and every day there are hundreds of posts of interesting stuff. No wonder Facebook is so addictive.

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