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I'm in preliminary stages of working on one nearly screen-accurate replica for myself, and being a stickler for accuracy (in some respects) I'm trying to get all the correct vintage obsolete LEDs. I was able to get more than half of what the prop needs very quickly, but I seem to have depleted the world's entire internet-accessible supply -- from a total of just two people who actually delivered, and three who seem only to be stringing me along. I'm sure there are more of the LEDs out there, but finding and getting them is going to take a while.

Once I've made my replica, offering additional replicas to others is a real possibility. There was a member on another forum who offered replicas a while back, but apparently they didn't sell well and he's stopped making them. IMO his replicas weren't very good. Instead of casting individual LED light bars in the correct colors, he laser-cut replica "blocks" to represent entire LED clusters on the prop, using readily available plastic materials in incorrect colors, and he drilled them and mounted individual LEDs into the drilled holes. Whatever filler/adhesive he used (if any) did not match the optical qualities of the plastic, so the drill cavities were clearly visible in the finished replicas.

The handlink is among the most complex and exacting props to make for its size, especially considering that to make them in quantity greater than one unit demands that a builder concerned about accuracy will have to replicate the individual LED light bars. That task alone is considerably demanding. In view of the amount of labor involved to make and assemble the literally hundreds of parts required, I doubt that I could offer a reasonably accurate lighted replica for less than USD $1000. A reasonable target price would probably be in the $1500 to $2000 range, unless by some miracle I'm able to obtain a large quantity of the correct LEDs.

Oh, as long as I'm posting, another minor correction to my first post above: The "instant" film cameras which used type "J" batteries were Kodak brand, not Polaroid. The Polaroid system incorporated the battery into the film pack. Unfortunately, Polaroid sued Kodak for patent infringement, and the Kodak cameras and film were pulled from the market, leading to reduced demand for the J batteries. Although they are still available and being made today, their applications are dwindling and I expect they'll probably be obsolete in the next decade or two.

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