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Originally Posted by Scotophor View Post
...unless by some miracle I'm able to obtain a large quantity of the correct LEDs.
A couple of partial miracles have happened over the past two weeks or so:
  1. I have obtained a significant quantity of the large 2-chip LED light bars used in the handlink, but only the yellow color. This is still great news, because the prop used almost twice as many of those in yellow, as red and green. Also, my research indicates that yellow may be rarer than red and green. So, finding a bunch of yellow ones may be a double win.
  2. By coincidence, while waiting for those yellow light bars to arrive, I have discovered the original manufacturer and all three part numbers of the large 2-chip LED light bars. I have also found about a half-dozen websites of companies claiming to have stock of them, and contacted them by email or their web forms. So far one of these possible suppliers has responded saying they don't have them, and telling me what I already knew, that they are obsolete and no longer made. Just what I needed... more frustration, from a company basically lying online about what they can provide.

So, I'm still searching for the large 2-chip light bars in red and green, and the 3-chip light bars in green. I'm also working toward replicating them, in case I'm unable to locate originals (or trade some of my yellow light bars for them).

EDIT: The thumbnail photo below looks like a broken image on my system, but clicking on it brings up the full-size image just fine.
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