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Alright, well I believe that somewhat that falls under his selfish side, the same side that wanted nothing more to do with Vietnam than to save Tom but in a different way. Personally I am not sure what instances in this particular episode in which you see this occurring (but then again it's an ungodly hour in my agenda, since I have class today, one in which my noggin isn't in the best working condition) but I see your basic point and agree. Some of that in part however can be blamed on Al himself. Perhaps if he wouldn't at times show up on his own agenda or share his unmoral opinions with a man whom he should know better will argue them (Ex. Thou Shalt Not) Sam might take him more seriously in some instances.

Not that I mean to defend Sam; I can see where you are correct on this point and agree with the frustration of his such behavior in some episodes such as All Americans and as you pointed out The Leap Home(though given the personal circumstances of that leap you can't completely blame him). I however will not yield that it is a necessary flaw. To show a selfish and/or conceded side of such a pure and compassionate man provides a good believable balance to what would otherwise be too perfect a character.

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