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Originally Posted by blue enigma
Exactly. He may have witnessed his father abuse his mother and even blocked it out. That's a terribly traumatic thing for a child to see. I never got the sense that Al was abused by his father, but again, maybe he blocked it out. Or he might blame his mother more for leaving him at his mercy.
True this is also a possibility, however since this is information that is never developed there is nothing to suggest that what we are told isn't true.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
I think Al's either joking with Sam when he says, "Didn't you?" or he's leading up to his comparison, almost in a bragging way for lack of a better word. Because he goes on to compare their upbringing, which shows that he didn't forget at all. I don't think he ever forgets that difference between them.

"Oh sure, you grew up on a farm, I grew up in an orphanage. You had a mother and father, I had a parole officer. You had a cow, I had a roach."

I'm paraphrasing, as I don't remember the exact dialogue right now. But I actually love this exchange. It's hilarious when Al starts talking about Kevin the roach.
You're probably right. Forget I said anything regarding that subject.
Kevin the roach was hilarious. XD

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