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As I posted when I saw this on Facebook -

It's raises so many questions.

If the show had been renewed and this had been included what would the length of Mirror Image have been? It was aired standard length. Would it have been longer than normal? There would have been no text at the end but that is so sort? Would other scenes been shortened to allow this ending?

Most of all, why has Don been denying it exists? I remember at the 2009 convention my roommate asked him about the footage of the picture of Al, Beth, and their daughters which had leaked online. Don was clearly frustrated that it was leaked and wondered who did. Must have been someone who worked on QL. He did not seem to even like us knowing that existed.

Pure speculation. I think the whole situation with the cancellation is a very sore subject for Don. He has made it clear QL was the show that he is the most proud of doing. Clearly he did not want the show to end and was not given many options at the time.
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