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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Al and Beth, not Al and Tina

I think that once the show was cancelled, Don might have been hoping to use said footage for the start of a Season 6 or telemovie should the show be picked up again. Unfortunately that never came to pass, so it surprises me that Don stayed so tight lipped for so long. I am also surprised that others involved in this scene also denied its existence - Susan Diol (Beth) for example. In their case though it makes sense that they may have signed nondisclosure agreements - though I question their validity after 25+ years...
My guess it's more likely out of respect or deference to Don. Than anything legal. This was his show and the actors do not want to speak an choices that they were not part of making.

It's also been many years. I have discovered from interviews and online posts that actors shoot so much on a project they often forgot what was used and what is cut out. Seeing these pictures could jog a lot of memories for Dean and Susan.

Most of all I am curious what Deborah Pratt says now that we have seen these. She has often been more forthcoming than Don on somethings.
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