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Very good episode but not excellent like many of the other Chris Ruppenthal episodes. It's still one of my favorites and one that I always want to watch again. Loved Joseph and his philosophy, but sometimes he preached it in the most inadequate places, and loved his humor as well, but sometimes it was a bit over-the-top and many of the Al's reactions to his humor were also a bit exaggerating. Some of the scenes, especially towards the end of the episode when they've reached the mountans and are about to cross the state-line dragged a little bit.

Loved how most of this episode took place outside, loved the drama, and especially loved the ending, Sam's mission in itself, its non-conventional way: Instead of saving someone this time, he had to help him die in peace. Very difficult for Sam but he managed to do so. Sam's last words [to the sheriff, while he's carrying Joseph in his arms] touched my heart and actually made me roll a tear or two.

As much as the sheriff may seem one-dimensional and cliched, he wasn't. Shamefully there are real people like him. And I didn't care much for the sister. She was a neutral character. Loved the hawk, haha!

By the way, Joseph was right: Warm water is hell!

My rating: Good.

Edit: I know I said before that I thought that this one was one of Chris' best screenplays, but, as time goes by, things get to turn out differently.
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