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A decent, but not great episode this one. I do adore many things about it, but I do have a few niggles with it. First of all, I feel like the pacing is a bit off at the beginning. The whole deal with Sam just agreeing to break out of jail just seems to happen too quick. I think we needed a scene with Al before Sam went ahead with that.

I do love the character of Joseph. He's just so hilarious and yet wise at the same time. By far my favourite scene of the episode is the one in the small cave. I don't know for sure, but I think at this point Joseph knows that this isn't his grandson he's talking to. Maybe because he's edging closer towards death, I'm not sure. But I do believe he at least knows something is up.

The ending of this episode bugs me. In fact, it drags it down from a good to an average rating. Why? Because of Joseph's death. Not because I think it shouldn't have happened, but because I didn't agree with the way it was done. I think him getting shot just felt...wrong. It was a violent end for a character that didn't deserve it. Him just dying of natural causes due to the stress and intensity of the situation would have been better. I also don't like the fact that this seems like a real case of a failed leap. I'm not even sure Joseph dies in the reservation. He seemed to die before they'd finished crossing the river. I just think this part could have been done a little better.

My rating. Average. A good episode with a very poor ending.
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