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Originally Posted by leaper
i think melora hardin is a very beautiful actress.... she looked why many people here say the opposite for this actress.
Originally Posted by Snish
I don't think anyone has complained about Melora Hardin's looks. Of course she's beautiful. The problem is that some people, including me, find the character unappealing and don't find it believable that Sam would fall passionately in love with her.
Leaper who are "many people"? Until you made that post I never saw a single person say a single thing about her appearenence not even myself surprisingly. Sure she's plenty pretty; like Snish said its just her attitude and personality that myself and most other anti-trilogy members are against. I also agree with Snish about Sam's love for her not being believable.

I quite like her in the third one though as she's finally matured since she had a kid.

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