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Originally Posted by QLNut
Not only was the missing music an issue with the DVDs, but there were a number of strange mistakes made on the sets. Episodes like "Jimmy," "Last Dance Before An Execution," "Justice," and "Hurricane" had sound issues going on throughout the entire episodes. Also, the Season 2 opening credit sequence was used for "Play It Again, Seymour." And the Season 3 opening credit sequence was used for "Mirror Image" when it was supposed to be Season 2's.
Would these sound issues by any chance include some lines here and there echoing in the background as though it were a raw portion of the recording? Because I have noticed that in episodes, the only one coming to mind right now is Temptation Eyes but I never watch the Universal DVD version as I can't stand the music that replaced 'I Wanna Know What Love Is' but I know I have heard it on the Universal DVD versions of episodes as well.
So perhaps that is not a problem specific to the DVDs.

BTW folks, just found out my Universal disc containing Season 2's last two episodes, Sea Bride and MIA is damaged and MIA freezes as Sam is getting the bra off from the hooker outfit. I noticed a chip on the disc that is probably the culprit and was wondering if it's possible to replace just the one disc as the rest of the set is fine and I'm not made of money.
Or perhaps I could just add it to my wishlist. My birthday is coming up.

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