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Default Getty image video contest

Hi Guys I was wondering if you mind helping Scott out a hand here to bump him up a bit in views.

I entered the getty image mishmash video contest and I would love to see Scott bumped up a bit since sooooooooooooo he deserves it.

It's a pretty hard contest since you can only use their(getty image) stuff (as well as music) and your own. But I think I made for a dedication slash adoration vid I did pretty well with the Scott pics and footage that was open for me. There were some great pics there I would have loved to use but unfortunatly I didn't get access to their whole data base of Scott pics and footage

But if you guys could add a vote bumping Scott a page up (currently page 3 of 7 of most viewed) I would be so grateful cause I think Scott deserves to be bumped up a little further up the chart
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