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I'm very much in love with silent film and believe it or not my blu ray player has been a miracle when it comes to restored films. Black and white restored is quite crisp and there is such a HUGE difference when I watch the discs of Quantum Leap that G4 showed and the ones I have from the UK. They are crisp and the sound...I can testify TESTIFY! that the episodes of 1st and 2nd season in HD (on AmazonPrime (2 seasons in HD) and ITunes which has the first season to download to Ipod and Iphone) are worth the effort to download and watch on an HD tv. The sound screams and you can hear every little thing. I was working overtime this morning, just me, the office and my IPOD and QL. I watched Seymour and StarCrossed on my little Ipod screen (even with my bad vision it is nice and clear and lovely to watch) and with the little earbuds I was screaming inside with joy -- it made 4 hours buzz right by, friends. I

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