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Default Hubris

Just finished re-watching (for the I don't know how manyth time) Mirror Image (and all the other eps, of course) on DVD.

I never thought about it at the time, but I can't help but wonder now if the "in universe" GTFW was punishing Sam for his hubris in the creation of the QL Accelerator and breaking the rules.

I always supposed previously, as Sam mentions in MI that GTFW had either always intended for Sam to come along and build PQL and put right the wrongs, or that (a non-omniscient) GTFW had simply grabbed hold of the happy accident of Sam's invention of time travel and was using it to fix problems that had crept into the timeline (also making GTFW non-omnipotent). But when you sum up all the crap Sam goes thru, the pain he suffers and the fact he never gets home, I have to wonder if GTFW had any regard at all for Sam's wellbeing, or merely used him as a tool or was actively messing with him.

Additonally (as I posted elsewhere) in the QL novels, Sam has some contact between leaps with a voice in the void that says stuff like "are you ready, Dr Beckett?". The way the voice is described instantly (and lastingly) made me wonder if perhaps Ziggy was in more control of leaping than he ever let on.

Even though I hate mirror Image's ending, it reamins, to me, a moving, and well-crafted episode that shows that whether ending a season, or a series, the whole crew, writers, cast, everyone, LOVED what they were doing and wanted to show it.
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