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Have you tried an alternate program for playing the DVD?
How old is the computer in question?
Do they play fine on a television?

The problem could be your CD/DVD drive, my 5 year old Acer has trouble reading DVD discs as well. My Being Human US box sets last I tried were the only discs it would accept at all, and even then it takes a few tries. Others I attempted were not read at all.

Or possibly the program you are using is defective. When I attempted to play the same box set of Being Human on the widely praised program VLC, I could get it to the episode menu before it would freeze up so that I could not select an episode. They however play perfectly on Window's Media Center once I get it to read them.

So don't be so quick to rule the DVDs as the problem, though I can see this post is quite late. Thought I'd still add my two cents for future reference.

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