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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
According to the original script of Deliver Us From Evil, they are from the year 2020.

If you read between the lines, they also imply that a time traveller from 2020 is spreading around a virus... Eep...
No kidding? That's incredible. I don't quite remember the implication of spreading a virus around, though? Unless it is a proverbial virus of misery and chaos or something.

With that information, it would be reasonable to presume that the government-funded PQL was either long since shut down, or the funds were appropriated to a new team of scientists or project using PQL as the blueprint and piggybacking off of Sam's concepts, kind of not unlike Nikola Tesla's work becoming confiscated by the government.

I used to find it far fetched that a team of scientists would use time travel technology just to create chaos in the world, but not so much anymore. If a team of evil psychopaths really wanted to make the world as they see fit, what better way than to make changes in the past covertly? It could simply be that with the development of Lothos, "he" only worked with the most evil people who would have no problem carrying out "his" agendas. Alia of course happened to more or less be enslaved into this project and perhaps owed some kind of debt.
- Chris
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