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Originally Posted by Donofrio_QLTD View Post
On the swiss-cheese blocking effect, you're absolutely right. And let me add that I think that, as time progressed, Sam learned to be OK with it. With "Mirror Image" the learning was complete. He decided to give up the life of a common man and, instead of being just a reluctant hero, he became a very conscious one. Saving Al's life was the key on this. I believe that, even if he remembered Donna, he would still go on. It's probably a contradiction, following "Star-Crossed" and a big price to pay, but there's also an old saying: "sometimes we have to kill... but our real job is to save lives."
I believe that if he ever did remember Donna, he'd realise how badly he's hurt her by making her make peace with her father and get over her abandonment issues, only to abandon her himself. I expect that he would leap to try to prevent marrying her, maybe even trying to convince her to marry her first fiance instead

On Angelita and Stawpah. I think Stawpah is on the same vein as Angelita. Everybody else forgot him on the bar, but why not Sam? I'd like to believe that it's probably because Al The Bartender didn't want him to. He served as a device so Sam could understand his position one step further. This raises another mystery: The Gooshie at the bar. Was he actually another leaper or an "Angel"? I think he may have been, and he was just a way from The Bartender to tell Sam: "Yeah, so you are goodness, but not ALL of it because you're not alone in this mission and there are other people doing what you do." It's interesting that he shows up exactly every time Stawpah is not there. If he had been there at the time Stawpah disappeared, he would have remembered him as well. At least that's what I think. I see the whole "Mirror Image" episode as a sort of a break for Sam so he could acquire the correct knowledge and the preparation to continue with his mission but with tougher leaps. The Bartender is really GTFW, but he's not leaping Sam. Sam is leaping himself, and he had to make a choice. To quit or to keep going. After he saved Al, he decided to continue, even though he had told The Bartender that he wanted to go home. That didn't matter anymore. His task with the Universe was not over, and he finally understood that clearly.
Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Having needed to step out earlier I was unable to include in my previous post, the Stawpah thing never made complete sense to me but nor does most of that episode. Though I find it can not be a coincidence that Stawpah is suggested to have been Al's uncle.

The difference I hypothesize between him and Angela is that perhaps Stawpah never left the earthly plain making him a wondering spirit as opposed to an angel. This is the only way I can make sense of their different exits.
First of all, Al the Bartender is NOT GFTW, he says so himself. To understand this episode, we need to understand that this leap is different to any other. He has not leapt into a person, rather, he has leapt into his own subconscious to try to make sense of his life.

It helps if you think about this episode like the Wizard of Oz, there are in fact a number of parallels - both Sam's leap and Dorothy's trip to Oz are implied to happen in their own heads, everyone they meet reminds them of someone they've met before, and they both want to go home. The major difference of course is the lesson that they each learn, Dorothy learning that if she wants to find happiness, there's no place like home, while Sam learns that he created Project Quantum Leap to make the world a better place, it's his life's work, and so he can't go home because there are always more wrongs that need to be put right.

So if Al the Bartender isn't GFTW, then what is he? Like everything else in this leap, he's a creation of Sam. I see three parts of Sam's psyche appearing in this episode. The Sam we see as Sam in this leap is really Sam's Id, his true self, all his wants and needs. Al the Bartender is Sam's Ego. He's the one who tries to get the Id to come to his senses and realise what really needs to be done. But it's not until Al the Observer appears that Sam realises how he can do what he needs to do. Al the Observer represesnts Sam's Superego, the one who provides the means to do what is needed and wanted, that is to save Al's marriage and then to keep on leaping.

Back on the Wizard of Oz analogy, I may have just answered my own question regarding Stawpah and Angelita. Stawpah is in fact Sam's recollection of an angel having helped him and knowledge of their existence, but it's more like a feeling in his heart rather than a proper memory. This is why Stawpah looks nothing like Angelita and leaps away rather than walking off. Why he chose to have Al's uncle be the manifestation of an angel I don't know, maybe he had become so codependent on Al the Observer that he needed someone Al-like to be there...
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